Install Tizen SDK for Ubuntu Linux 12.10 32bit and 64bit

This tutorial covers how to install Tizen SDK in Ubuntu Linux Operating system. We have learned tizen HelloWorld application development from previous post. 

 Step 1: Download latest Tizen SDK Manager for Ubuntu Linux 32 bit or 64 bit.

Step 2 : After successful download, open the terminal (by pressing Alt+Ctrl+T). The SDK manager file ends with .bin that means it’s a binary that you can install directly without considering any other package installer.

First you have to set the file permission for the downloaded tizen sdk manager. Execute the following commands

 Be a super user & set permission for sdk manager file:



Execute the Tizen SDK  installer 

 Note: You may get a warning message like this “Do not install as ‘root’ user or ‘su’ commands. so exit from super user like “exit” command”. use the following command if you get the above warning message.

Step 3: Note : you may get another warning message if ubuntu doesn’t have required tools to manage tizen sdk.  [If you want to install TIZEN-SDK, you must install “expect” “libgnome2-0″ “libudev-dev” “qemu-user-static”  package(s). this message indicates taht you dont have basic requisites. install it as below] 

Step 4: Install perquisites for Tizen SDK  


 Step :5 Run SDK Manager after installing required components for Ubuntu

install tizen sdk linux

You will get a new installation wizard, select “Install the new Tizen SDK Version” and press Next, Agree the license and terms of service.

Configure sdk using manager

Choose the installation type as typical : Web and Native App Development and click Next

set location for tizen
Choose the Tizen SDK and Data Path, Click Install

download via network



Install Tizen using Downloaded SDK Image

Run the SDK manager again using linux terminal

install sdk using downloaded-image


Select Advanced Button, Choose SDK Image click ok

select sdk from zip file binary

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