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Flutter has revolutionized mobile app development. Its robust ecosystem includes numerous packages that can enhance your projects. In this post, we will explore five useful packages for Flutter that every developer should consider.

5 Useful Packages for Flutter Development

1. Provider

State management is a critical aspect of app development. The Provider package simplifies this process in Flutter. It offers a clean and efficient way to manage state. By using Provider, you can easily handle app-wide state changes without the complexity of other state management solutions. This package integrates seamlessly with Flutter’s widget tree, making it a go-to choice for many developers.

flutter pub add provider


Connecting to the internet and fetching data is a common requirement in modern apps. The HTTP package makes this task straightforward. With HTTP, you can perform network requests like GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE. It handles JSON encoding and decoding, making data processing easier. This package is essential for any Flutter project that requires interaction with web services.

flutter pub add http

3. Shared Preferences

Storing data locally is often necessary for Flutter apps. Shared Preferences provides a simple way to store key-value pairs on the device. This package is perfect for saving user settings, preferences, and other small pieces of data. It supports both Android and iOS, ensuring cross-platform compatibility. Shared Preferences is a must-have for adding persistent storage to your app without dealing with databases.

flutter pub add shared_preferences

4. Flutter Toast

User feedback is crucial for a good user experience. Flutter Toast allows you to display brief, non-intrusive messages to the user. Whether you need to show a simple success message or alert the user to an error, this package makes it easy. Flutter Toast supports various customizations, including duration, position, and styling. Adding Flutter Toast to your project enhances user interaction and keeps users informed.

flutter pub add fluttertoast

5. SQFLite

For more complex data storage needs, SQFLite is the package to use. It provides a full-featured SQLite database solution for Flutter. With SQFLite, you can create, read, update, and delete database records efficiently. This package is ideal for apps that require a robust local database, such as note-taking apps, inventory management systems, and more. Its API is straightforward, making it accessible even for those new to databases.

flutter pub add sqflite


These five packages—Provider, HTTP, Shared Preferences, Flutter Toast, and SQFLite—are essential tools for Flutter developers. They simplify common tasks and enhance your app’s functionality. By incorporating these useful packages for Flutter into your projects, you can streamline development and improve user experience.

Incorporating the right packages into your Flutter development workflow can save you time and effort. Provider helps with state management, HTTP handles network requests, Shared Preferences stores data locally, Flutter Toast provides user feedback, and SQFLite manages complex databases. Each of these packages addresses specific needs, making your development process smoother and more efficient.

You can find other useful packages on the official site.

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